Staying present!!

It’s putting the past behind you and using it to step forward into your future, it’s realising that past experiences don’t define who you are!!

You can be the change you want to see in the world as long as your actions Match your words.

It’s to stop the negative thoughts as they come into your mind and replace them with positive ones.  Have a vision of where you want you to be and who you want to be and then make the changes to become that person as you do that the darkness will fall behind you!!

Your past was just a lesson not a life sentence, people do change you don’t have to remain stuck in the midst of the pain.  You don’t have to let negative people ruin your thoughts, don’t take on their opinions or words just stay true to yourself and focus on your vision and goal. You deserve to be happy 😊

You can be anyone you choose to be, if you can see it and feel it inside yourself you have the power to make it happen.



Author: lookinwardinstead

My passion is to help people heal themselves and their children after abuse

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