21 day challenge

After more searching and gaining more knowledge Ive set myself a challenge for 21 days. I’m going to change my mindset although I had healed from the abuse I was still thinking about the trauma.

Step 1. Be grateful for what I have (stop the negative thoughts that creep in ) example I hate this job, going to replace it with I’m grateful for this job. Etc

Step 2, change who I am, this sounds hard but just making small changes can have a big impact.

Step 3, stop smoking which is the one bad habit that I haven’t been able to kick, when I stop smoking I know I will improve my health and be better off financially.

Here goes the start of my challenge!!

I have loads to be grateful for things that I was taking for granted. I read that by being grateful for what we have opens doors to our consciousness ones that we never saw before.

It’s time to see if this works !! 😁




Author: lookinwardinstead

My passion is to help people heal themselves and their children after abuse

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