This is for everyone especially those who haven’t been abused!!! All we want is someone to listen we want our story to be heard!!.

The next time your sitting with a friend, family member or Co worker and they start talking about their experience, please just listen!! We don’t need to hear I’m so sorry or just get over it or why didn’t u leave or why did u stay or ohh here we go again, JUST LISTEN!!

We don’t need to feel worse about ourselves than we already do, we need to feel heard we need to get it off our chest clear our mind so we can start to heal!!

Yes the stories will sound mental, confusing and just outrageous but narcissists are from ordinary, yes they may seem like nice people who will do anything you ask, but what you don’t see is what happens behind closed doors, how they make their partner or kids feel when they go home and they doors are shut!!

A narcissist will talk about their ex as if they are the victim but this is usually just insults like they are stupid, they are crazy, they don’t wash or crap like that just to degrade their ex.

A real victim will go into depths about what happened how they felt and probably at the same time try and protect their abuser due to the fear that the abuser had installed over time.



Author: lookinwardinstead

My passion is to help people heal themselves and their children after abuse

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