Removing trauma

You can’t move on while your mind stays stuck. Everytime we think about a traumatic event it’s like living it again, it creates the same effect in the brain as if it’s happening again. Thats why getting over narcissistic abuse is so hard, because they leave us thinking over the events, words they said and their awful stare that they leave you with.

You end up researching them constantly so as you can figure them out figure out their game!!! I did this for years but in reality all I had to do was stop playing!! When I started concentrating on myself and wondering why did I allow this person to treat me that way!! I realised I had no boundaries, he had stripped them away because I had put myself second to his needs, I thought I could fix him, help him heal when in effect the only person that could help him was himself and the one person that i needed was putting more effort into fixing him, that is how we lose our selves, self esteem, confidence and boundaries. A wise man once said that we can only find ourselves once we have been lost!! 😁


Author: lookinwardinstead

My passion is to help people heal themselves and their children after abuse

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