I wake up with a vision in my mind of who I will become, I feel happy enspired and ready to take on the day. Then I go to work, I don’t know why but I lose that vision of myself by the time I finish work I feel low and depressed.

What happened to the visions I had that morning what happened to that happy place I found.

I have figured out I work with people who are depressed and none of them are happy in their job (even me) but when people arent happy they tend to bring others down to their level.

I’m going to try and stay in that positive place today no matter what happens or what they say.

Today is a new day and I choose to be happy!! 😁


The unconscious mind

Everything we see outside of ourselves is coming from our unconscious mind, if we can clear our subconscious from the mental blocks that we have created either by us or from others, we can experience a whole new world. This can be achieved by opening your mind and asking yourself questions.

A lot of people say they can’t lose weight? So question it, why can’t I lose weight? Who told me that I couldn’t ? Or who told me that I am fat?  Figuring out where the belief came from is the first step. The second step is letting it go because the thought is probably not yours, it could be society, partner, parents, when you let it go replace the thought with a positive thought even if the positive thought is change. We as humans are our own worst enemy we forever fill others up with love and genorisity and yet we beat ourselves up and call ourselves names.we need to start giving ourselves similar advice that we give our friends.

If you tell someone their stupid for long enough they will start to believe it, it’s the same with our minds, be repetitive in what you tell yourself until you really believe it repetition is the key, the more the brain hears positive thoughts the more positive you will become.

This really can change your life!!

Comfort zone!!

While healing the one thing that I continued to hear was”life begins outside of your comfort zone” I always thought that meant that I had to do something drastic and so life changing but that isn’t true, I didn’t have to go running or do something outrageous all I had to was break up my routine, instead of sitting watching television in the morning, go on the exercise bike or do something positive that will bring u closer to your goals, do something positive for YOU!  not for any other reason other than you will feel better once you’ve achieved it.

You don’t have to see the plan to move forward, we just need to keep moving!! Our lives will change when we change and will remain stuck if we don’t do anything different!! 😁

There is a silver lining!!

When I think back to just four years ago, I was a mess, I couldn’t concentrate on anything for more than two minutes, couldn’t read blogs or watch my soaps. I slept most of the day, and over thought every little thing that I said, my life was a nightmare!!

I didn’t realise just how much narcissitic abuse can affect someone, they literally leave you hanging with no answers, no confidence, self esteem or friends.  I thought I would never heal from it, but slowly the brain fog disappeared and I started to feel better. I had to remove the trauma that was inside, all the scars that he had left, all of my suppressed emotions and thoughts.

It did take a lot of work but I got there, I just want to let people know that the mind does heal!! 😁



Life is funny!! 😁

The funniest thing happened to me today!! It started a few days ago and I realised that my son was bring very ungrateful for the things that he has and towards things I was doing for him. It took me a while to figure out why this annoyed me so much.. The answer is simple.. I wasn’t being grateful for everything I had!!

Sometimes the things that we don’t like about others are the exact things that we do ourselves, everything in life is a lesson or a blessing and it will keep showing up until you learn that lesson

You can be anything you want to be!!

We as people are our own worst critic, we always doubt ourselves, no I can’t do that and then we don’t even try, or we pick out our flaws and we focus on them all the time, if you think negative you will continue to see negative. When you start to believe in yourself and tell your mind that you can do it and your flaws are beautiful they are what makes you and that makes you unique why do we always compare ourselves to others when we can be happy with who we are.  Its all in the power of the mind, if u can visualise it, feel it and then let it be the universe will conspire to make it happen.


How many people continually look up narcissist behaviour or pages on Facebook trying to understand their behaviour, and why they did this to you and how they can do this?…


in fact I lost myself trying to understand his behaviour.  I researched and researched for years as I had lost everyone due to his lies so I kept searching in hope that I could find the answer to expose him!!!.

The best thing you can do is stop researching narcissists and start healing yourself. It is a long hard process but it is so worth it. I am not the same person I was five years ago, I have healthier boundaries and have build new healthy friendships with other people, it is hard but you can trust again.

You will know you are over it when you have no interest in looking back!!

You cannot control the lies or in fact anything that another person does, but by working on yourself you can change your reaction.