The unconscious mind

Everything we see outside of ourselves is coming from our unconscious mind, if we can clear our subconscious from the mental blocks that we have created either by us or from others, we can experience a whole new world. This can be achieved by opening your mind and asking yourself questions.

A lot of people say they can’t lose weight? So question it, why can’t I lose weight? Who told me that I couldn’t ? Or who told me that I am fat?  Figuring out where the belief came from is the first step. The second step is letting it go because the thought is probably not yours, it could be society, partner, parents, when you let it go replace the thought with a positive thought even if the positive thought is change. We as humans are our own worst enemy we forever fill others up with love and genorisity and yet we beat ourselves up and call ourselves names.we need to start giving ourselves similar advice that we give our friends.

If you tell someone their stupid for long enough they will start to believe it, it’s the same with our minds, be repetitive in what you tell yourself until you really believe it repetition is the key, the more the brain hears positive thoughts the more positive you will become.

This really can change your life!!


Author: lookinwardinstead

My passion is to help people heal themselves and their children after abuse

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